Minnie Water-Wooli SLSC

Established 1995


Minnie Water is one of the older fishing settlements on the coast owing to the good anchorage in lee of the prominent southern reef and the presence of permanent water which drains across the beach, hence the name. The beach is 1.5 km long and consists of two parts. The northern half receives the full force of the waves and has a single attached bar usually cut by two-to-three beach rips and a permanent rip against Rocky Point. The southern half lies in lee of the reef and the fishing boat anchorage. It is a wide, flat beach with an attached bar and finally no bar.

Minnie Water-Wooli SLSC was formed in 1995 and remains one of Australia’s youngest clubs.


Safety Rating


6 (in the north) (1-safest, 10-least safe)


Patrol dates / times

Minni Water Wooli

Minnie Water Wooli Surf Life Saving Club

Postal Address: PO Box 402 Grafton NSW 2460

Club House Phone: 02 6649 8100

Minnie Water -Wooli SLSC Inc.

ABN: 16 293 381 983

Location Address:

5 Sandon Road Minnie Water NSW 2462

02 6649 8100


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