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SLSNSW Combined Conference.

Is on again in Sydney on 26th/27th/28th May 2017, so if anybody has any Education items that you would like me to have put on the agenda please have them to me ASAP so that they can be conveyed to SLSNSW for inclusion.

SLSA Circular 47/16-17 Asthma Guideline Changes

All Trainers/Assessors/Facilitators within your club should be made aware of this circular to ensure that the current method is used in all training of relevant awards.

There are current reviews of Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid, Pain Management and Age Manager courses, I anticipate being able to provide latest information from May.

In relation to the Age Manager Course - I would like to meet with your club Age Managers at the start of the 2017/18 season to explain the completion of the on line and third party sign off.

Educheck – 2017 is the bi annual completion of this document for the Branch. Clubs will complete their Educheck in 2018.

Branch Courses – the calendar is on the Branch website. Candidates register and an alert comes to club Chief Training Officer of their participation.

Awards of Excellence – clubs are reminded to nominate Trainers and Assessors for the Branch awards of Excellence

Pre- Season Meeting - the date has been set at Sunday 20th August, Sawtell. Please Save The Date as this is part of your re-endorsement.

I have attached a chart in relation to the required paperwork for all courses for your reference.

Sue Neil

Director of Education

 Course and Assessment Paperwork Requirements

A guide to paperwork required for courses, listing documents for all courses and specific courses


Participant Joining Instructions

Training Course Report

Training Enrolment Form, for each participant

Participant Evaluation of course, for each participant

If required:

Assessment Feedback Form – only for NYC


COURSE SPECIFIC, In addition to above forms


Final Assessor sign off for each participant– Evidence of Theory Component

BM/Cert II

Final Assessor sign off for each participant – Evidence of Theory Component

Radio Operator

Assessment Portfolio sign off

IRB Crew

Assessment Portfolio – Log of Training Hours

                                         -Theory Assessment

                                      -Observation Checklists 1 & 2


Proof of Maritime Boat Licence OR Completed Pre-Course Workbook    

Assessment Portfolio – Training Log

-          Written Questions

-          Observation Checklists 1 & 2                                  


Assessment Portfolio

First Aid (AID)

Certificate of On line Completion OR Pre Course Workbook and

Assessment Portfolio


Assessment Portfolio – Assessor to view completed Workbook and confirm                 on Assessment Portfolio. Assessment Task 2 and Logs used in practical assessment to be submitted also.

Print out Completion of On Line Pre Course Work

Spinal Management

Assessment Portfolio


Assessment Portfolio

Completion of Pre Course Workbook OR On line Task 1 & 2


Please Note: Include in the Participant Joining Instructions - Proficiency/Skills Maintenance at SPECIFIC TIMES:

E.G. BM/Cert II every year, First Aid (AID) within 3 years, CPR every year


North Coast Branch EDUCATION CALENDAR 2017






Silver Medallion Beach Management

17 years

Be proficient in ONE of the following:

  • Bronze/Cert II
  • Radio Operators
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques
  • First Aid (AID)
  • Spinal Management

6th May

20th May

Sawtell, to be confirmed

First Aid (AID)

14 years


22nd April

6th May

Sawtell, to be confirmed

Others to run as need arises.


15 years

ONE of the following:

  • Bronze/Cert II
  • Resuscitation
  • First Aid (AID)

20th May

3rd June

Sawtell, to be confirmed

Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue

16 years

Bronze/Cert II

30th September

14/15th October

6pm Fri night

8am Sat – 6pm

Urunga, to be confirmed

Spinal Management

15 years

ONE of the following:

  • Bronze/Cert II
  • First Aid (AID)


Pain Management

18 years

  • First Aid(AID)
  • ART(AID)


Gold Medallion

17 years

  • Bronze/Cert II
  • First Aid (AID)
  • SMBM
  • ART (AID)
  • Spinal Management


Under 14 CAMP


11/12th November, Coffs Coast Adventure Centre, Bonville

SRC/BM Assessment


2nd December




Assessor Cert



Pre-season Meeting


20th August


Gear Inspection


26/27th August



Contact club CTO for further information about the following courses:


Offering - IRB Crew commencing Sunday 30th April, will progress to Silver Medallion IRB Driver

-          Short course SRC to Bronze Medallion/Cert II, intensive in 1st week of September school holidays


Offering IRB Crew during April


Offering IRB Crew during March


Silver Medallion IRB Driver in March between State and Aussi Titles


  1. Answer re ART (AID): It is a Facilitated course. Course can be trained by a Trainer ART (AID) and assessed by an Assessor ART (AID) with a Facilitator ART (AID). Therefore, cannot be run as an in house course.
  2. Notification of Assessments : Please refer to Page 17 of the ACADEMY VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK for the time line/flow chart requirements
  3. Silver Medallion Beach Management: It was suggested that local Council Rules and By Laws would be added to the content.
  4. ARTC to ART (AID) need only do written questions and practical assessment
  5. Apply (Senior) First Aid to First Aid (AID) need to complete the whole course.

Thank you

Sue Neil

17th February 2017.

Education Report December

A successful SRC/Bronze Cert II was assessed at Coffs Harbour on the 4th Dec, we had 30 Surf Rescue Certificates and 17 Bronze Medallion from Minnie Water-Wooli, Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour, Sawtell and Urunga surf clubs using 9 of the North Coast Branch SLS assessors.

These courses take 8 to 10 weeks of training, both in theory and practical skills, of which they had to demonstrate their competency. So a big thank you to all the trainers and assessors who have given their time.

Also, there were 22 Bronze Medallions/Cert II assessed on Friday 2nd Dec from The Armidale School. They completed an intensive, 7 day training whilst staying at Sawtell surf club. This is the 15th year of that joint program.

Other courses to be completed included IRB Crew and Silver Medallion IRB Driver, this means new and fresh lifesavers patrolling on the local beaches.

Many changes have occurred in education in the last year, reduction in paper work, up grading to AID units of competency and on line learning for skills maintenance and awards. Most of us have adapted well to them, whilst still keeping the focus of safe surfing beaches for the public in the forefront. Currently, there is a review panel from SLSNSW, for the RWC operations. Members of NC Branch team have been given a survey to provide feedback about the use of RWC across the state. This should be completed during 2017. Also at national level, the Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid, Pain Management and Age Manager courses are under review, results will be made available, mid 2017.

SLSA have included First Aid (AID) as a requirement to be held for trainers of SRC, Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation Certificate. The majority of NC Branch trainers have met this criteria, and for those wishing to continue training in those awards, courses will be conducted in the new year, dates to be provided.

Thank you for all your support from club and Branch level. As this is my last report for 2016, may I wish you all a happy Christmas and a safe surfing new year.

Sue Neil

Director of Education

Education Report September

Pre-season Education Meeting and update.

This was held on 21st August 2016 at the Sawtell SLSC.

and we thank them for allowing us to utilise their facilities for this important meeting.  For those that did not attend you will be able to access all the necessary updates using the following links SLSNSW web site> Club and Members Resources  >  Training updates and FAQ’s  > you can then either select Live online, two dates remaining 13/9/2016 or 15/09/2016 or log onto Recorded and follow the links. SLSNSW will be contacting all TAFs via email about re-endorsing / webinars (if they missed their Pre- Season Meeting).

 TAF Re endorsement
The system for this now seems to be working correctly, so please check your Surfguard Record and if necessary carry out the necessary procedures. Not all T/As will need to do this as their endorsement is for two years, however, all Facilitators will be required to complete their re endorsement as it is an annual requirement.
(AID) qualifications for ART and First Aid
ART was held at Sawtell with a full course or up-grade. There is no urgency to up-grade to the new awards at this stage, there will be opportunities in the near future, and clubs will need to provide names and suitable dates to me to arrange assessors.
All nominations for courses must be made via the club Chief Training Officer and be forwarded to the Branch Director of Education prior to the closing date, minimum of at least 2 weeks prior to course date. ALSO, each nominated candidate receives a Participant’s Joining Instruction letter, ensure this information is understood, as it often requires them to complete pre course work and have a Training Enrolment form correctly signed, if Under 18 by a parent/carer.
Intensive Training Officer Certificate
19th and 20th November 2016 at a venue in Yamba, nominations close on Friday 21st October 2016. This course will be run over 2 days with a start time of 9.00am on Saturday and estimated finish time of 3.00pm on Sunday. It will be a joint course with the Far North Coast Branch and will be limited to a total of 16 candidates, which means approximately 8 from NC branch. SLSNSW have identified clubs needing particular trainers to assist in their sustainability and are supporting this with funding. SLSNSW will then forward course requirements and pre-course work needing to be completed.
Club Open Day
16th October take this opportunity to promote your club activities and facilities. Rip Awareness, you could use dye from SLSNSW to demonstrate or conduct CPR activities at particular times on the day.
I have attached the changes at the bottom of this page.
Sue Neil
Director Education

SLSA will be reprinting additional 34th Edition Bronze/Cert II Training Manuals early next year (2017) to include the changes to the ARC asthma guidelines that were circulated last week.

Could you please let me or Judy know (by the 21st of December 2016) if you feel there is anything that is either missing and should be included or if something is not correct and should be omitted or updated.

Also advise if you have any additional feedback.


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