Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid(AID)

Minimum Age: 15 Years

Pre Requsits:

Proficient in:

*First Aid(AID)


*Spinal Management


It is a pre-course requirement to complete

  • the Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid (SMAFA) Pre-course Workbook, and
  • the questions in the SMAFA Assessment Portfolio – Assessment Task 1

These will be discussed and marked at the course.

It is a requirement that the pre-course work is completed prior to the course to be able to attend the face to face session.

Event Properties

Event Date 17-06-2018 9:00 am
Capacity 15
Registered 4
Available place 11
Cut off date 01-06-2018
Created By Super User
Pre-Requsits 1 Proficient in First Aid (AID)
Pre-Requsits 2 AND ART
Pre-Requsits 3 AND Spinal Management
Grafton Water Brigade Building
Prince Street Grafton, NSW 2460 Australia
Grafton Water Brigade Building
Awards Qualifications Chart.pdf
Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid Joining Instructions May 2018.docx
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