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Education Report – August

Oxy Vivas –please bring to August meeting for servicing

Pre- Season Meeting – this is part of the Re Endorsement process. To be held on 20th August at Sawtell Surf Club from 9.30 am. Optional Breakfast from 8.30 a.m. & must be pre ordered by 14th August, Cost is covered by Branch and State as per Invitation. Proficiency Work Cards will be available for each club.


First aid (AID) – All TAFs have ben re accredited.

Bronze Medallion/Cert II – All patrolling members must have Cert II to actually patrol. This only affects former members returning and clubs involved are aware of those needing to complete the Cert II paperwork and have already spoken to individuals.

Surfguard – format changed, you will also be able to check your awards expiry through your Members Portal

Skills Maintenance is active now on line. Can also be completed verbally or written if difficulty with internet access.

Resources – both ARTC and SMAFA are now available online. These online courses complement the latest editions of the ARTC and SMAFA resources available in the SLSA Members Portal. Their outline follows the face-to-face lesson plans in the Delivery and Assessment Guides in a similar fashion to the PowerPoint presentations. It has been a winding road to get here with many unforeseeable developments along the way (e.g., SLSA approval of inhalo oxygen equipment for use. Please login to your eLearning account via the new look SLSA members portal to take a look, and happy as always to take on board feedback as part of the continuous review and improvement of SLSA educational resources.

AGE MANAGER ON LINE COURSE -In response to feedback received, the forms at the back of the Age Managers Assessment Portfolio are now available in a separate ‘Age Managers Online Course Competency Record v1.0 July 2017’ for members who answer the review questions when completing the online course. Rather than having to sift through the face-to-face training pages containing the same review questions they’ve completed in their final quiz, online course participants can easily download the relative forms they need to take to the beach for their technical and mentoring sessions. Alternatively they can also simply rip out the last 2 pages to return to their club’s Junior Activities Committee. The competency record is exactly the same as the Assessment Portfolio except with the Age Manager Review questions removed and the Cover page’s intro sentence updated to reference the online course: ‘This competency record details the evidence you are required to submit to your age manager mentor (third-party) after completing the online SLSA Age Managers course.‘  An announcement will be made shortly in the members’ portal to let our members know that they have this resource available to complement the online course.  As per the acknowledgements page of the Age Managers Learner Guide, all resources developed by SLSA are reviewed regularly and updated as required.

Sue Neil

Director of Education


SLSNSW Combined Conference.

Is on again in Sydney on 26th/27th/28th May 2017, so if anybody has any Education items that you would like me to have put on the agenda please have them to me ASAP so that they can be conveyed to SLSNSW for inclusion.

SLSA Circular 47/16-17 Asthma Guideline Changes

All Trainers/Assessors/Facilitators within your club should be made aware of this circular to ensure that the current method is used in all training of relevant awards.

There are current reviews of Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid, Pain Management and Age Manager courses, I anticipate being able to provide latest information from May.

In relation to the Age Manager Course - I would like to meet with your club Age Managers at the start of the 2017/18 season to explain the completion of the on line and third party sign off.

Educheck – 2017 is the bi annual completion of this document for the Branch. Clubs will complete their Educheck in 2018.

Branch Courses – the calendar is on the Branch website. Candidates register and an alert comes to club Chief Training Officer of their participation.

Awards of Excellence – clubs are reminded to nominate Trainers and Assessors for the Branch awards of Excellence

Pre- Season Meeting - the date has been set at Sunday 20th August, Sawtell. Please Save The Date as this is part of your re-endorsement.

I have attached a chart in relation to the required paperwork for all courses for your reference.

Sue Neil

Director of Education

 Course and Assessment Paperwork Requirements

A guide to paperwork required for courses, listing documents for all courses and specific courses


Participant Joining Instructions

Training Course Report

Training Enrolment Form, for each participant

Participant Evaluation of course, for each participant

If required:

Assessment Feedback Form – only for NYC


COURSE SPECIFIC, In addition to above forms


Final Assessor sign off for each participant– Evidence of Theory Component

BM/Cert II

Final Assessor sign off for each participant – Evidence of Theory Component

Radio Operator

Assessment Portfolio sign off

IRB Crew

Assessment Portfolio – Log of Training Hours

                                         -Theory Assessment

                                      -Observation Checklists 1 & 2


Proof of Maritime Boat Licence OR Completed Pre-Course Workbook    

Assessment Portfolio – Training Log

-          Written Questions

-          Observation Checklists 1 & 2                                  


Assessment Portfolio

First Aid (AID)

Certificate of On line Completion OR Pre Course Workbook and

Assessment Portfolio


Assessment Portfolio – Assessor to view completed Workbook and confirm                 on Assessment Portfolio. Assessment Task 2 and Logs used in practical assessment to be submitted also.

Print out Completion of On Line Pre Course Work

Spinal Management

Assessment Portfolio


Assessment Portfolio

Completion of Pre Course Workbook OR On line Task 1 & 2


Please Note: Include in the Participant Joining Instructions - Proficiency/Skills Maintenance at SPECIFIC TIMES:

E.G. BM/Cert II every year, First Aid (AID) within 3 years, CPR every year


North Coast Branch EDUCATION CALENDAR 2017






Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue

16 years

Bronze/Cert II

30th September

14/15th October

6pm Fri night

8am Sat – 6pm

Urunga, to be confirmed

Spinal Management

15 years

ONE of the following:

  • Bronze/Cert II
  • First Aid (AID)


Pain Management

18 years

  • First Aid(AID)
  • ART(AID)


Gold Medallion

17 years

  • Bronze/Cert II
  • First Aid (AID)
  • SMBM
  • ART (AID)
  • Spinal Management


Under 14 CAMP


11/12th November, Coffs Coast Adventure Centre, Bonville

SRC/BM Assessment


2nd December




Assessor Cert



Pre-season Meeting


20th August


Gear Inspection


26/27th August



Contact club CTO for further information about the following courses:


-          Short course SRC to Bronze Medallion/Cert II, intensive in 1st week of September school holidays


Offering IRB Crew during April


Offering IRB Crew/ Drivers & Bronze. See enrollment page.


Silver Medallion IRB Driver in March between State and Aussi Titles


  1. Answer re ART (AID): It is a Facilitated course. Course can be trained by a Trainer ART (AID) and assessed by an Assessor ART (AID) with a Facilitator ART (AID). Therefore, cannot be run as an in house course.
  2. Notification of Assessments : Please refer to Page 17 of the ACADEMY VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK for the time line/flow chart requirements
  3. Silver Medallion Beach Management: It was suggested that local Council Rules and By Laws would be added to the content.
  4. ARTC to ART (AID) need only do written questions and practical assessment
  5. Apply (Senior) First Aid to First Aid (AID) need to complete the whole course.

Thank you

Sue Neil

17th February 2017.


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